App Review : Avast Battery Saver Review – Light, Accurate, Automatic

The Barcelona Mobile World Congress held on March 3rd witnessed the launch of 2 new apps from the stables of Avast Software, namely Avast GrimFighter and Avast Battery Saver. Observers say this new strategy marks a shift in policy for the company which prides itself as one of the pioneers of security-related software mainly for PCs. As it is one of the best Battery Saver, hence we planned to check and do a detail Avast Battery Saver Review.

Although Avast is a late entrant in the market, Its battery saver distinguishes itself from the pack with its unique set of features and the absence of ads. Keep in mind the app is completely free and is backed by Avast’s reputation.

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The Avast Battery Saver is a unique software. Unlike its competitors which all follow the same old model of Touch to optimize. This app works smartly and autonomously. It intelligently monitors power usage patterns and adjusts settings, kills background apps etc to save power and increase battery life. Smart Profiles which switch automatically based on GPS location or Wifi network are another highlight of this program.

The accuracy of estimated remaining battery life is extremely high. Avast Battery Saver helps in prolonging battery life and it does so without affecting performance, call quality, internet connectivity, screen brightness, loading of apps or ringer volume.

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Avast Battery Saver in-dept Review

Here you will find detail in-depth review of Avast Battery Saver. You will get to know its user experience, its features and how useful is it.  So, don’t waste any time and start reading the Avast Battery Saver Review.

Pros & Cons



  • Very Light on the system, Fast Start-up
  • Basic and Straightforward interface, easy to use
  • No unnecessary features, trackers, statistics, graphs, 1-Click optimize, Floating or Homescreen widgets
  • Hardly any targeted Ads
  • Completely Free
  • Automatic Battery profile switching based on WIFI network or GPS location. Manual switching also possible.
  • Accurate depiction of estimated battery life
  • Does not affect performance, calls, internet connectivity, screen brightness or ringing volume



  • Cannot turn off GPS to save battery life
  • Lack of homescreen widgets to change profiles on the fly
  • Only 4 customizable battery profiles
  • Cannot specify ignore list of apps that the saver closes to save battery
  • No Healthy Charging system present


User Experience :

Using the app for the first time, the user experience is documented below.

  1. After installation for the first time, a icon appears in the Main Menu
  2. Opening the app displays a Splash screen (this happens only once and not on subsequent startups)
  3. The main display screen has a graphical representation of battery life remaining, in % on the left and in “Hours” on the right.
  4. The top right corner has options to TURN OFF the app as well as options to show the icon and notifications.
  5. Below the battery graphic is a quick link to the SMART PROFILES mode. The currently active profile and switching mode (auto/manual) are mentioned here.
  6. Even below that is a link for APP CONSUMPTION which displays a list of apps and amount of battery they each are utilizing.
  7. Pressing the Profiles link displays the list of Profiles as under: “At Home”, “At Work”, “At Night” and “Emergency mode” as well as OPTIMIZED mode. Each can be customized as per when it activates and what changes it makes to the phone.
  8. Tapping any of the 4 profiles, it can be edited to activate at said time eg: 10 pm to 6am (night time) or GPS location or detection of a particular Wifi network. Moreover, the changes made can be edited here this includes brightness, ringer, Bluetooth, internet connection, Sleep mode, etc.
  9. Outside the app, the notifications are displayed in the NOTIFICATIONS drop-down menu. Only as the amount of battery life remaining. Tapping which the app opens and allows the switching of profiles based on the requirement. No other widgets were found.

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InterfaceRemaining battery life indicator in % and hoursA very realistic approach is taken here in depicting battery remaining battery life. Unlike other apps that claim to “SAVE” or extend battery life by said number of hours. Or instantly Increase battery life in one touch is avoided here. The interface is clean and simple.
Smart ProfilesChoice of 4 different user profiles as well as an optimized mode and choice of manual or automatic activationThis is the main USP of the application. Battery profiles are present in almost every similar app but they usually do not switch automatically. Here the app monitors usage and adapts accordingly so as not to affect overall performance. The switching of profiles can be done by Time, GPS location or WIFI network also unique to this app. Hence, this app can serve a practical dual purpose by say enabling vibration mode in Office or Switching off Wifi at night.
App ConsumptionDisplays a list of apps and their respective battery consumptionThe list can be customized to exclude active apps or system apps. Moreover, battery-draining apps can be disabled here easily. Notification for draining apps can also be enabled or disabled here


Avast Battery Saver – Conclusion :

Avast Battery Saver isn’t the only app of its kind in the market, moreover, being a late entrant it still needs some time to gain the approval of users and critics alike. However, being backed by the reputation of AVAST and other positives like being free from ads, is a FREE to download the app and great features make this app a must-have.

Performance-wise it outshines its competitors as being truthful and realistic in the projection of estimated battery life as well as avoiding gimmickry like 1-Touch Optimization. The Interface is clean and simple and so is the ease of use. Smart profiles coupled with smart switching options help users not just to save battery life but also time and effort in changing settings according to situations. Overall the complete experience is highly satisfactory and demands applause.