Beats Solo HD Review: 2 Years After


Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the known brands on headphones and Beats Solo HD Headphones is well known for their street style look and their sound. Today we are here to take a closer look at the  Beats Solo HD review, but this review will be a bit different. I have been using this Solo HD headphone for the last 2 years. During this period I have put it though a myriad of situations and heard various types of music and audio though it, as well as tested it over various audio sources including a number of mobiles, media players, laptops etc. Before we start with the review, let’s get to about how this headphone is. The Solo HD is quite durable with the material used to build this headphone. The positive point in this headphone is the removable cable, which allows you to have any funky cable you want to. This headphone is quite comfortable overall, and the adjustable headband provides a great degree of flexibility.


What’s Good?

  • Decent Noise Isolation
  • Comfortable
  • Changeable Cable
  • Low Price

 What’s Bad?

  • Extra Bass
  • Sound leaks


Style: On Ear

Colors Available: Black, Green, White, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, & Red

Beats Solo HD

This  Beats Solo HD HeadphonesReview will give you a brief idea about how this headphone is and is it worth buying.

Design & Comfort: (6.5)

The Beats Solo HD has a decent design. This headphone is constructed well enough to give you a comfortable hearing experience. The exterior casing is all plastic, but with a decent finish to it, which makes the headphone attractive and flashy. The plastic material used to build this headphone is flexible enough to bear few bends and falls.

The headphone is quite adjustable with the metal band, which arises from the middle of the headband. With this metal band you can easily adjust the headphone according your need. The on-ear cups have a comfortable cushion padding and is cover with real leather. Cushion pad being adjustable, it gives the user greater comfort, but wearing it for long hours pressurizes the ears, resulting in strain. The headband has a cushion like padding with a rubber like substance, which makes it more comfortable.

The USP of this unit however, is the ability to detach the connecting cable. This is a boon in disguise as many of us have gone through the bitter experience of having to throw away a perfectly fine pair of headphones due to damaged cables. This also gives the user the liberty to replace the standard cable with designer cables to suit their style or longer/ shorter cables for added functionality. It has a 3.5mm standard jack that you will find at the left bottom of the ear cup.

 Sound: (5.0)

I have found that sound of Beats Solo HD Headphones is quite decent. The only issue is with the bass. The Beats Solo HD has a lot of bass, which is not suitable for all types of music. The Solo HD is best suitable for those who like rich and deep bass. But, if you are one of those who favor clarity of sound over excessive bass, then you might be disappointed. However, software based EQs might help to mitigate this situation to some extent.

Keeping aside the issue of the deep bass response, this headphone has a quite balanced sound. The vocals and treble are perfectly balanced which give a clear sound. After listing to different genres of music I have found that the Beats Solo HD is best suitable for genres like Jazz, Funk, psychedelic, trance and hip-hop music. This headphone is not that suitable for music genres like rock, metal, and alternative music. The overall quality of the sound is mediocre, if one considers its performance over various genres of music.

Most critics have cited the problem of distortion in this particular model of headphones, but I would disagree to this argument from my personal experience. Minor distortion can be experienced over certain frequency ranges owing to the excessive bass response that amplify even subtle notes eg: where the bass is not intended to spill over the entire spectrum. However, that said its not as much as to claim that the distortion is prevalent across all frequencies. Sound of the Beats Solo HD starts getting distorted at full volume and gets muddy because of the exaggerated bass.


I would say that the Beats Solo HD Headphones is more or less average in terms of sound, but it does have a really good build quality. I would not suggest this headphone to those who are more into rock and metal music, but for those who like bass heavy music like hip-hop, rap, pop, dubstep etc then this will be the most suitable option for them. Add to this, the brand value of Dr. Dre as well as the exclusivity and style quotient will definitely be a factor if you are in the market for a product such as this one.


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