BenQ ZOWIE Shaping Gaming Scene With Extremesland 2018


BenQ ZOWIE Extremsland 2018Indian gaming scene has grown huge since 2015. Year 2018 has become a challenge for brands to get their hold in the gaming communities. Meanwhile, BenQ ZOWIE Extremsland 2018 India takes a step ahead with their Extremsland Gaming Tournament in Bangalore. The event is happening on 9th and 10th of September, 2018.

Similar to ROG Masters India 2017, BenQ Extremsland followups with Indian Gaming teams to Participate in this tournament. The tournament took place in different states in India bringing the top CS:GO teams battling each other. The finals happened in Bangalore with the finalist ”Entity Gaming’ vs ‘OpTic India’.

OpTic India won the CS:GO ZOWIE’s Extremsland India qualifier & will now be participating in the Asia qualifiers competing with the top teams in Asia.

In an Interview session with Ashwin Jain, Marketing Manager India, BenQ ZOWIE said, “Indian gaming community has grown huge, which brings us a responsibility to provide them with the best of e-sports experience with our Monitors and gear, providing a platform for upcoming gamers to participate in similar tournaments to explore the growing Industry.”

About the Finals:

The finals happened between OpTic India vs Entity Gaming that turned out to be quite a serious match. The match was quite one sided where OpTic India dominated Entity Gaming until the 20th round.  Post which Entity made a climatic comeback giving OpTic India an intense competition, resulting into a draw after the initial 30 rounds. Even during the OT rounds, Entity & OpTic went neck to neck till the score was 17-17.

Finally, OpTic gained upper hand winning the two final round by ultimately becoming the winners of the tournament. This brings a huge responsibility for OpTic India to represent India in the Asia Qualifiers. The team will be heading to the Asia Qualifier on mid-October.

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