Amazon Poor Delivery Service Caught On CCTV


If you are reading this, then you might be one of those who order products from Amazon or other e-commerce portals. Today one of the reddit user “overburn” posted  a CCTV footage showing a poor delivery service from amazon.

This video was posted on 28th August 2018.

The footage shows an amazon delivery boy mishandling the delivery box. You will see how a Punjabi deliver boy throws the amazon package & clicks the photo. This footage clearly indicates his job in danger.

Getting detailed in the communication with the people, one of the reddit user who seems to be worked on a retail store commented “Worked at a retailer’s distribution center through university and normally I worked in receiving with forklifts and stuff. When it was really busy and people were out sick they would send me down to the outgoing area where you’re running down these lines of 10-20 trailers of boxes constantly streaming for 12 hours. They teach you to gently place each box (but fast) and build solid walls with heavy things on the bottom up to the top.

It only took a couple days of filling in for that department to learn you just build a fake front wall and toss everything over that until it was full and rinse and repeat. I absolutely hated the job in general but holy shit did I hate that outgoing department.

TLDR: No matter what was in that box that got tossed onto his porch, I promise you it’s handled 100x’s worse while it’s being handled on the way to his door. :P”

His statement also highlights that the company need to work on the employee’s encouragement. We have been hearing complains from people around us working in the same industry. On the other hand, we  see the one suffering are the buyer. This is one of the reasons why people still don’t trust the e-commerce delivery service.

We are sure that this video will have some impact on their service & companies policy against it. We would be waiting for the company to share their thought on this incident.

If you are one of the victim and have anything to share, do share with us in the comment below.


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