BenQ Zowie XL2546 Review


For better gaming you need better monitor & one of those are the BenQ’s Zowie XL2546 240Hz monitor. This 240Hz monitor comes with 1ms response time & is one of the few monitors to have it. Zowie XL2546 has been my primary monitor for quite a long time & it comes loaded with a lot of features that makes this monitor one of the best 240Hz monitors in the market. During my test I have found a lot of good & bad in this monitor & hence this is a complete review of the Benq Zowie xl2546, Benq Zowie xl2546 review that will help you to decide your purchase if you are looking for a 240Hz monitor.



The S-Switch is very helpful while gaming Very Basic Design
Comes With  240Hz with 1ms response Does Not Have Good Contrast Ratio
It come with a headset stand with in the monitor
Easy installation


Design & Built:

Right out of the box, the BenQ Zowie XL2546 comes with a lot of accessories, but what really matters is the well built quality, which defines the durability of your gadget. Similarly the BenQ Zowie XL2546 built quality in one word is “tough.” The material used in this monitor is of high quality and there is no much difference as compared to it’s old XL2540 model.

Looking at the design front, this monitor does not carry any gaming aesthetics, instead it looks like a regular monitor and this is where I feel the monitor will face a lot of issues. But if you are just performance oriented, then this 240Hz monitor is a beast.  This monitor also comes with extra shield that looks similar to a horse headgear & BenQ claims this to improve concentration, while gaming.


The BenQ XL2546 comes with a 25-inch FHD TN Panel display with 1ms response time & this two factors are the most important factors that defines the display quality. The initial impression after hearing TN panel, i believed that the color re-production of this monitor will not be that great, but this monitor let me blown away with the color reproduction (This is in terms with all the TN panel Monitors in the market). The monitor has an amazing viewing angels no matter the lighting conditions. One of the most important thing about this monitor is BenQ’s special designed frame, which actually helps to reflect the light and let it not fall on the display.

Being a TN panel, we really do have to compromise on the contrast, but thanks to it’s in-build calibration software, through which we can improve the display contrast ratio. But, looking at other gaming monitors there are similar issues. To make things clear, the monitor does not come with the FreeSync or G-Sync technology, instead it has the their own DyAc (Dynamic Accuracy). This DyAc technology works really well even at the 240Hz refresh rate.

Another thing the monitor comes with is the shield & according to the company this Shield concept on a Monitor is to help users to concentrate while gaming. But, during my test i find this as an additional accessories & it really did not matter for me to have it placed or not. This on the monitor does not look good, but as a concept this is really some innovation.


The S-Switch

The S-Switch is one of the many accessories that comes inside the box and also one of the most important accessories. This accessories plays a very important role in your daily gaming or even for normal activities. With this S-Switch you have access to 3 different custom display modes saved by you. These modes are nothing but different display settings  that  you save.

While my daily activity, i had set the modes for 3 different lighting conditions & those are for bright light, for mid lighting & low lighting conditions. With this S-Switch it really becomes easy for you to keep your display setting on your finger tips.

Along with these 3 buttons you also have 2 extra buttons “Input” & “return button.” With the input button you can change the input source, whereas with the return button you are able to return to your previous menu. Along with all these button, you will also find a wheel that is used to scrolls Up or down in a menu, increase or decrease adjustment or can also select menu item.

How to Save Your Settings on the S-Switch:

  • With the use of wheel you can select the menu.
  • Once selected – make your adjustments
  • Long Press the number (from 1 to 3) to save your mode


Giving our final words to this monitor, the apart from the design, the monitor has an amazing performance. So if you are one of those who want style, then this might not be the one you are looking for, but if you just want the best performing monitor, then I would suggest you to go with the BenQ Zowie XL2546. The only alternative option for this monitor is ASUS XG258Q, which prize a bit higher than the BenQ XL2546.

Overall the device looks quite promising & can be one of my daily drive. One thing that makes this monitor unique is the S-Switch.


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