Pegatron Working Towards Developing The Most Robost AI Technology


It was just last week we saw NVIDIA collaborating with Taiwan government to develop AI and now Pegatron’s company chairman TH Tung has said in an even that they are now working aggressively towards Developing the most aggressive AIoT based platform to develop much betterachinr augamented learning for the future.

According to Ting’s statement, Pegatron will now incorporate  Robost voice recognizing, deep learning, face recognizing and fingureprint for the upcoming AI based applications. With this it is quite clear that the company is willing to get much advanced in terms of technology coming in the future.

To prove the hardwork, Pegatron in the evening released few AI based products for businesses and houses to survilliance the momement. At the event Pegatron showcased their patent waterproof fabric for notebook, which means we could soon see notebooks to become waterproof.

Apart from this the company also showcased their automatovd electronic technology that included a curved glass adhesive innovation ment to work for your daily driving experience that will actually work with auto driving vehicles.

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