Best VR Educational Game


In the last few years, a lot of Technolgy for Education has evolved. Among these technologies is virtual reality (VR) which is now revolutionizing teaching and learning.

Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends in education & the benefits of VR are too obvious. The dedicated immersive VR device market will reach $408 billion and education policy developers can see its potential. Teachers have now embraced VR educational games to improve the learning process.  The internet is a godsend with many students going online to search “help with my essays,” and they will not add VR games to their search items.

Best VR Eductaion Game

If you are a teacher or student in search of the best VR game in the market, it is tough to choose a single application from the fantastic games available. This article explores some of the top applications out there. Keep reading to find the best VR educational game.

Best VR Educational Games

Some of the outstanding education VR games teachers can recommend for their students include:

  1. Pyramid VR – Windows: This is a graphical remake of the 1978 Tandy game: Pyramid 2000. You can now explore in style and make commands in a fun and more exciting way than in the original game. It is a learning experience which is also thrilling.
  2. Star Chart: Over 20 million users are already enjoying Star Chart and it is easy to understand the reason. You see, space is always a fascinating world to explore and users can now learn more about the constellation when they aim their phones skywards at night.
  3. Titans of Space: A short guided tour of the plants in VR and it is no wonder students love this game. Users can now view the virtual reality perspective and this makes it easier to retain the knowledge gained.
  4. InMind VR 2 (Cardboard): This action/arcade VR game helps students in decision making. Users take part in the decision-making process of John a teenager turning into an adult.
  5. Boulevard: Teaching an art class without showing actual artworks is tough for teachers but Boulevard makes things easier. This VR educational game supplements art classes with virtual visits to the world’s biggest museums. Learners can now view some of the most famous artworks, and this will inspire them.
  6. Apollo 11 VR: Space expeditions will never cease to amaze students and with VR Experience you can now enjoy the experience of one of the most crucial space expeditions.

Why use VR in the classroom?

Virtual reality technology in the classroom helps to eliminate language barriers and turns students from passive listeners to active learners. The best VR game makes learning an active proves which in turn boost the retention of knowledge.

These games provide outstanding visualizations which would not be possible in the traditional classroom setting. With the introduction of VR gadgetry in class, students become interested instantly and learning becomes a cool undertaking making things easier for both the teacher and the learner.

VR games help learners understand complex subjects and concepts and the immersive experience guarantees there are no distractions during learning. Games such as Titans of Space® help with exploration and hands-on approach and this improves retention rates. In today’s world of short attention spans, educational VR games help with immediate engagement.

Of course, there are other incredible VR educational games worth mention such as Earth AR, Unimersiv, Learn Languages VR, KingTut VR among others. If you type “help to get my homework done,” you will most likely find a VR game that can help.

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