Nokia Activity Steel – The Best Fitness + Smartwatch With 8 Months Battery Life


Nokia Activity Steel

When it come to Nokia I believe in them. What I am waiting for is the Nokia 9 their featured flagship smartphone. But today I was surprised to see Nokia Smart tracker watch, which I believe is one of the best & full featured Smartwatch + Fitness tracker called Nokia Activity Steel. Thanks to Sarsha Burns from Australia to introduce me to Nokia Activity Steel & give me a proper detail about this Smart Watch.

One thing that everyone look after is the battery & the Nokia Activity Steel is best in that category. The Activity steel has an unbelievable 8 months of battery life, which I guess is more than enough for any individual. Apart from the battery this is one of the best fitness tracker. There is a lot to talk about it, hence let’s divide all the features to make it clear.

Auto Sync – Health Mate App

Health mate app is what controlled by the watch & it’s really easy to sync the app with your watch. All you need to do is keep both, the device & the app open & it gets automatically connected for you. The app & the watch works very flawlessly.

Stores Data Offline:

You really don’t have to be connected to the app the only thing you need is wear the watch. The watch stores your daily action & once you open the app, it automatically fetches the data & show you your daily activity.


The coach feature was first seen in a Goqii fitness band & now in Nokia Activity Steel. With the Coach feature you can now track your daily progress, set your daily goals & at the same time challenge your friends which is more like engaging for fitness.

With this coach feature you can know what you have to eat, what should be your daily exercise routine, how much calories you should burn & so on. I just believe it should be as similar to the Goqii Coach.

Swim With The Watch:

The Nokia Activity Steel is water resistance with up to 150 feets. Unlike other fitness tracker, you can just jump in the water & the watch will automatically track your swimming activity without changing any settings manually.

Automatically Tracks When You Sleep

This is one of the coolest feature, where the app automatically tracks your sleeping activity. The watch is designed in such a way that when  you sleep the watch track your sleeping activity & tell you the detail about how well did you sleep, or do you need more sleep for better health.

The sleeping activity is tracked through the light & movement sensor that automatically indicates your sleeping pattern & automatically activities the sleeping mode.

Auto Tracking Your Movements:

One of the best features is auto tracking. This watch automatically tracks your movement and change the mode with respect to your movement.

For eg: If you are in a jogging track, your moment & heatbeat is automatically been tracked by the watch & then it automatically switch the the suitable mode.

Final Words:

The Nokia Activity Steel is much smarter than any other fitness tracker yet. One of the cool features are the battery & auto-tracking activity that help you don’t have to press any buttons, as the Nokia fitness watch will automatically do the work for you.



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