Anime Boruto
Country Japan
Releases date April 5, 2017
Director Hiroyuki Yamashita, Noriyuki Abe
Anime Writer Makoto Uezu
Manga Writer Ukyō Kodachi

In the Naruto series, we have seen the Great Ninja War comes to an end. As a fan I was very pleased with the ending but as we all know the story never ends. So What’s Next?

After all the chaos that we have seen in the Naruto series the Hidden Leaf Village has entered an era of peace and modernity in all the communities. All the villages are developing with the help of scientific technologies and ninja arts. Not everyone want’s to be a Ninja now as there no such need of Ninjas in this modern era.   Naruto is still and ninja, and he is finally a Hokage now. He is married as we have already seen in the movie’s and has two kids. The boy named Boruto and a baby girl named Himawari. So the Boruto is the series following around the story of Boruto who is the son of Naruto.

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. He doesn’t like his dad and what he does as being a Hokage as Naruto is always busy protecting the village from all the possible threats. Boruto enrolled himself in the Ninja Academy to just like his dad. Pepole judge him because he is son of Hokage and no one knows him as Boruto everyone knows him as the son of lord seventh which he hates a lot.

Inspired but a friend and the greatest enemy of Naruto, Boruto wants to be like Sasuke. The series was first started on April 5, 2017, and still going. Ukyō Kodachi is the one looking after the direction of the series. Showing some great action, Boruto is portraying a really good story.

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