Error Code 805a8011 And How To Solve It – Windows Phone Error

If you have a Windows Phone, then you might get an Error Code 805a8011.  Error code 805a8011 is a basic Windows store error. This error occurs at the time when you start your Windows Stores. You can also spot this error when you see that your Whatspp does not connected to the internet or when you are not able to access your emails. If these are the problem that you notice while using your phone, then your Windows phone is getting an 805a011 error. Blogs on Internet has given a lot of solutions for this, but some of them works & some of them don’t. Today at GeekSnipper we are going to show you two successful methods to solve Windows Phone error 805a8011.

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Before we start solving this Windows phone error, let us warn you to take the backup of your data from your Windows phone.

Method 1:

Out of many methods, this is the best method that works 100%. In this method we will have to reset your Windows phone. When you reset your phone it goes to basic settings.

How To Reset Your Windows Phone:

Just Follow the flow to reset your windows phone:

Go to Setting ->About->Reset your phone.

Just few taps on your phone and your phone resets. After you have done that, you just have to follow all basic steps and you have got your phone ready to work error free.

Method 2:

This method might work, but not at the first time you try. If it works on your first attempt then you are luck enough.

First you have to switch off  your Windows phone and hold the volume down key & they plug your charger. As soon as you do that it will show an error with sign “!”. After you get this error follow the method in the order given below:

Volume up -> Volume Down & then press the power button & Volume down.

To execute this process it takes hardly 2-3 minutes and once that it done you will have your phone back with no errors.

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We have tried every method on the internet, but none of them could give this successful result. Tell us if also you have any methods to solve Error Code 805a8011 on your Windows phone.