Status 7 Installation Aborted – Frequently Encountered Android Error


Error 7 (Status 7 error) is not common in devices that are running stock Android but frequently encountered by advanced users who install custom modified versions like CWM, TWRP etc. on their devices for enhancing their user experience and getting access to the full potential of their devices.

What is Status 7 error?

Advanced users who try to flash custom ROMs onto their Android devices commonly encounter this device while the flashing process is underway. This signifies that their custom recovery software may be outdated or there is a bug with the Custom ROM that they are trying to install. The mechanism called “asserts” built into the Recovery module helps prevent users from bricking their phones by installing the incorrect version of ROMs on their devices. However, the same protective mechanism may hinder the installation process even if the correct ROM is being flashed.

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When it Occurs?

For Rooted Devices: During flashing of the Custom ROM in “Recovery Mode”, the “assert” code is executed and stalls the installation of the ROM.

For Non-rooted Devices: This is an uncommon phenomenon but when users try to load ZIP files containing the official updates Over the Air (OTA). The installation process may display the error signifying that there may be a problem with the installation or maybe some form of incompatibility.

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The best precaution for the same is to avoid Rooting devices completely, as the same voids the warranty and there is a big chance of hard-bricking one’s devices i.e.: permanently making the phone unusable. However, if rooting is absolutely necessary, it’s advised to install the latest version of the Recovery software or using a different software if the previous one gave problems.

Methods to Solve Error 7

Method 1:

  1. Download the requisite ROM from the web (ensure correct version and device compatibility beforehand). Now using a Archiving software, unzip the files to a folder on your PC
  2. Navigate to the location : META_INF then COM next GOOGLE and finally ANDROID
  3. Locate file “updater-script
  4. Open this file using MS Word software by selecting the same from the list
  5. Delete text, starting from “assert ……. till the semicolon.
    Assert here refers to the safety mechanism built in to the code to help protect the device against hard bricking due to installation of incompatible ROMS.
  6. Save the file on the same location
  7. Re-archive the extracted files to get a modified ROM ready for installation
  8. Load the ROM file into the device and use Recovery mode to flash the new ROM. The error message should now have been removed.
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Method 2 :

Updating CWM to the latest version

Clock Work Mod Recovery software or any other Recovery app that the user has installed must be updated to the latest version.

Method 3 :

Switch to a different Recovery software

If CWM Recovery is being used. One can switch to TWRP or PhilZ

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