Every Digital Paid Campaign Needs “Users Interaction Analysis” – Should Be A Daily Practice


You might be think of what exactly is Users Interaction Analysis here & why is it so important. During the last 7 years of my Digital Media experience i have noticed that to give your business the right target audience through advertisement, you should monitor users interaction on your post. By the time you finish reading this article you will get a clear idea of why is Users Interaction Analysis so important.

Note: Users Interaction Analysis means monitoring the number of users who have likes, shared & commented on your Advt. post.

Let’s make things easy for you to understand & analysis. 

What happens when you boost your post?

The reason why you boost your post/campaign is to reach the huge number of audience. In reality the boost reaches to your filtered audience you have selected, but out of which only 3% of audience is your target audience.

Do you know about bots?

If you are into digital media/social media marketing then you should be aware of bots. Bots are nothing but fake audience. That means when your boost post/campaign reaches to these bots your  reach reduces to 2.5% (it’s by default) & the reach might reduce more depending on bots engagement.

People are here to advertise their business

There are smart people online and they utilize these boost post/campaign to freely advertise their business in there. Most of these users love commenting about their business so that they get attention.

Let’s see an example:


Even Facebook needs to do this. You can see that how the Facebook post get spam comments. This is a clear indication that you need to block this person as they are not interested in your business but own.

Now let’s see how to improve this or say make it a daily practice.

To improve this you just have to do two things.

  1. Monitor users interaction
  2. Make sure that you block them.

First thing first. Make sure that you are monitoring the users interacting on your post/campaign & as soon as you see comment like these make sure that you block them.

If you are thinking blocking these people would affect your business, then rest assure it won’t. When we as a Digital/Social Media Experts advertise your business we want the post to reach the right audience. Blocking these people will ensure that your post will never appear to these spammers or bots again.

If you have just started doing this, then be patient as this filtering of audience takes time. It is not that easy task for you to manage it, but once managed you will see the following benefits.

  1. Your spending becomes less
  2. Your target audience increase
  3. You will have a better conversion ratio


I guess if you achieve these benefits then along with you, your client would be happy too.

Even after reading this article if you have any doubt regarding this, you can comment below and ask your doubt and i would be there to help you to resolve it.



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