Next Generation iPhone Will Come With LG’s OLED Display


LG Collaborates Apple

When it comes to LG & Samsung, the one  thing that we remember is their Display quality. Today Apple signs an official agreement with LG for OLED & LCD displays for their next Apple products. This agreement will take place from autumn this year.

The agreement clearly states that LG will be providing Apple with 4 million OLED displays & around 200 million LCD displays by the end of 2018. This manufacturing will be done  at Paju.

This collaboration will help to give a better quality display on the iPhone. We also know that LG is secretly developing a flexible display for the future flexible phone. With this collaboration, it will definitely bring the market value up for LG display, but Samsung leading the chart is still a way to go. Currently Samsung is hold more than 90% of market share for small OLED display.

With this collaboration we could expect to see LG’s display in the iPhone as well as the up coming MacBook and iMac series.

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