Facebook Is Finally Working On A Downvote Button


Almost we all are in Facebook & we all like each others post. But, what if I don’t like a post & i just want to give a dislike instead of any other emoji. So, finally Mark Zuckerberg today at one of his conference officially stated that they are working on a Downvote button which will come soon on Facebook.

According to Mark, the process has started long back & this is currently under beta-testing phase. According to our resource, this new feature will be out soon by this week, but not for all. The feature will be available on comment section, but only for some groups & on your memory post.

This new feature was reported by one of the Tech reporter that clearly shows the comment section to have the “downvote” button.

The downvote button might sound similar to Reddit, but the working of it is just to share your emotion/expression towards a post on Facebook, but unlike reddit this downvote button will not effect your profile. So finally after such a log wait, Facebook has finally got the downvote option, which might help to calculate real time express of people & know what they like & what not.



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