Windows Launch Uber Application For Windows 10 PC


Cortana For Windows 10 PC

Uber has now become one of the actively used platform these days for people who are always in need of on-demand transportation. Yesterday at Windows 10 blog they announced the launch of Uber app for Windows PC users. Now you can book your transport without, using your smartphone. But, no matter what, you will have to use your smartphone to contact your driver. We think this would be the only glitch on this app,. but rest all the features are similar to the app.

You can open this app through UWP or if you are too lazy to even do that, then you can ask Cortana to do that. You will just have to command Contera saying “Hey Cortana, Get me an uberX to (Address you want to.”  

You don’t have to worry about the price, because this application is completely free. And in addition to that, people will get $20 ride free for those who download this app, but limited to the USA only.


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