First Ever Snapdragon 710 Powered Smartphone Spotted On Geekbench


When the rumors are claiming that the Snapdragon 710 & 730 will be out very soon and will be seen in a couple of Xiaomi devices, the First Ever Snapdragon 710 Powered Smartphone Spotted On Geekbench comes from a company that you may not even hear of. The name of this Finland-based company is Bittium and they are known for making the “Tough Mobile” which came with advanced security features & a rugged design, dealing with both user & device protection. There was also a “Tough Mobile C” which came with Dual OS functionality which offered a secondary Bittium Mobile OS as a Private Operating System alongside Android (Public OS) in the same device.

The “Tough Mobile” was powered by the Snapdragon 801 and now, Bittium seems to be making a comeback with a brand new Snapdragon 710 powered smartphone pretty soon. Though the name of this device is still unknown, we do have the Geekbench Scores.

The above results clearly show that the device is rocking a Snapdragon 710 SOC with 4GB RAM & Android 8.1.0 Oreo. This Bittium device is scoring about 1829 in Single-core and 5768 in Multi-core which is pretty similar to the Snapdragon 660. The single-core score however, has been improved a bit & by evaluating results for other SOCs in the past, these scores will likely improve with the final production hardware & software.

It is still not clear if Bittium will be first OEM to announce a Snapdragon 710 powered smartphone or not but, they don’t make devices for general consumers so, even if it comes out, most of the people will probably never get their hands on one.

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