Gigabyte Made World’s Smallest GTX 1080 Graphics Card


The GTX 1080 is was the worlds most desired gaming GPU until the 1080 Ti came in. But, it’s still pretty popular among gamers specially after the price cut it’s a little bit more affordable now.

But, how about a GTX 1080 Desktop Graphics Card that’s literally 16.9 cm (6.7 inches) long ? It’s just 1.9 cm long than the Centimeter Scale that you get in a school geometry box. Gigabyte actually made it possible with their GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G GPU.

Gigabyte Made Worlds Smallest GTX 1080

In case you want a fair comparison though, the Founders Edition GTX 1080 is around 26.7 Centimeters long. So, at just 16.9 Centimeters, the Mini ITX 8G is about 9.8 Centimeters shorter than it’s founders edition sibling. So, this card can fit in a variety of small cases. This can help to make the Hi-power Gaming Rigs way smaller than you’d expect.

Gigabyte Made Worlds Smallest GTX 1080

Talking of ports, we have one DVI, one HDMI & three Display Ports, so if you’re rocking a monitor that needs more than one Display Port output to run, this card doesn’t limit that because of it’s small size. It also holds the 8GB GDDR5X VRAM like it’s bigger brother.

Gigabyte also claim that they have done some improvements in the card to keep thermals in control. The main one being the direct contact of the GPU with the Heat Pipes. Gigabyte also, claims that the Fan of this GPU will be “Off” when the thermals are under a optimal temperature. So when the device is idle or doing lightweight tasks, the Fan will remain silent and whenever that optimal temperature is crossed, the Fans will kick in.

The Mini ITX 8G is also overclockable. So, here is a list of the clocks in both OC & Normal Gaming Mode,

Gaming Mode: Base @ 1607 MHz & Boost @ 1733 MHz

OC Mode: Base @ 1632 MHz & Boost @ 1771 MHz

So, the Future of Powerful Gaming rigs seems to be inside Smaller & Quieter systems. Also, VR gaming in such small size PCs will finally be a thing. So, we can’t wait to try that out. What do you think ? let us know in the comments section right below this article !


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