NVIDIA DGX Station Is A Personal Supercomputer That Will Cost You 69000 USD


We have seen a lot of great tech from NVIDIA, right? Especially in the Graphics department, NVIDIA GPUs are kinda everywhere. There are Geforce & Titan GPUs for gaming & you’ve probably also heard about Quadro GPUs made for Graphics Professionals. But, have you heard about NVIDIA DGX Station Is A Personal Supercomputer Tesla GPUs?

Well, Tesla GPUs are the highest level of GPUs that NVIDIA currently makes. These GPUs are targeted towards High-end Workstations & they’re super powerful as you would expect. But, looks like NVIDIA has no intention of stopping there. Maybe that’s why they made a Super Powerful Workstation that can literally sit under your desk & packs four of these GPUs inside.

NVIDIA DGX Station Is A Personal Supercomputer That Will Cost You 69000 USD

NVIDIA is calling this Personal Supercomputer as the DGX Station. It is built on NVIDIA’s Project Volta approach and NVIDIA has literally packed a lot of power into it & they have crafted the whole package into a form factor that is similar in size to maybe your high-end gaming PC.

The Specifications Include,

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4 2.2 GHz (20-Core)
  • System Memory: 256 GB LRDIMM DDR4
  • GPU(s): 4 x Tesla V100 (480 Teraflops)
  • GPU VRAM: 64 GB total system
  • NVIDIA CUDA Cores: 20,480
  • NVIDIA Tensor Cores: 2560
  • Storage: 1 x 1.92 TB SSD For OS & 3 x 1.92 TB SSD RAID 0 SSD for Data
  • Display Support: 3 x 4K Displays ( output from 3 Displayports)
  • Acoustics: < 35 dB
  • Network: Dual 10 GB Ethernet
  • Maximum Power Requirements: 1500 W
  • Dimensions: 518 D x 256 W x 639 H (mm)
  • System Weight: 88 lbs / 40 kgs
  • Software: Ubuntu Desktop Linux OS, DGX Recommended GPU Driver, CUDA Toolkit

Now, as I’ve already told you that it’s a Supercomputer. So, this is not made for your 4K 60 FPS gaming. This is actually made for AI development. So, if you’re into AI development, you may get benefited from the DGX Station. It actually packs a lot of AI technologies in the software.

NVIDIA DGX Station Is A Personal Supercomputer That Will Cost You 69000 USD

So, NVIDIA claims 47 times faster Deep Learning Training performance compared to a Dual CPU workstations. So, that’s kinda impressive. Also, NVIDIA claims less than 35 Db of Noise Levels in this super powerful system. But, it’s not cheap… it’s definitely not cheap.

The DGX station costs around 69000 US Dollars. So, at that price point it’s definitely not for everyone. If someone want’s that power to develop AI content in their home & have the money to spare, the DGX station seems to be a great option.

Source: NVIDIA

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