GoFindMe GPS Tracking Review – Can This Be One Of The Best GPS Tracking Devices?

GoFindMe Review

It’s 2019 & GPS tracking has never been so easy. All thanks to the latest technology that has made this possible. Adding more to this GPS tracking is an all-new device named GoFindMe by Aiblue. This device brings you a lot of good features that makes it different from other GPS tracking device in the current marketing. So, here we have come with GoFindMe GPS Tracking review.

GoFindMe Features

Talking about the features, there is a lot to mention. What’s really important for any tracking device is that they need an internet connection, but that’s not the case with GoFindMe. Having GoFindMe, you are free to use this device with no internet, SIM Card, and also no subscription required. Once, you have bought this device, you are good to go.

GoFindMe Feature

What’s more, is the Safe Zone feature. For eg: If you are going out for a trip with a group of people, then it is really important that you have a Safe Zone, where everyone can meet. Safe Zone can be your spot for those who have lost their way while tracking.

More to all of these is the real-time location tracking. This can really be helpful for those who are traveling in a group and you want everyone to meet at a spot (or say Safe Zone). Now, it is really important for you to know everyone’s location. This real-time tracking gives you an opportunity to track every individual.

Battery Life

Above all, the main USP of this tracking device is the battery life. Just with a single charge, this device can last for more than 72 hours. This, in fact, is one of the most important things for someone looking for a GPS tracking device. In our GoFindMe Review, we found this quite useful.

What’s the USP?

One of the key USP’s of this GPS tracking device is that it needs no internet or subscription. Which makes the device different from others in the market. Apart from this, GoFindMe also has an inbuilt map AKA offline map. This device automatically tracks your moment and saves it in the location. With this, you can guide your partner or group the walkway to your location.

GoFindMe SOS Feature

Apart from this, you also have the SOS feature, when presses will send message and your location to your loved once. This can be very handy with your child or if you are in a situation where you really need help.

Being a tracking device specially designed for trekkers, it also supports group message and location sharing and Tracking. Apart from this, this device can track your location for around 8Km with no WiFi or internet required. This is what makes this device worth buying.

GoFindMe Conclusion

To be frank, GoFindMe is no doubt one of the best tracking devices to find in the market. They bring some of the cool features & one of them is that it does not need any Wi-Fi or Subscription charges. During our GoFindMe Review, we found that the device is specially made for those who are into trekking poles.

What Else does Aiblue Has to Office?

Aiblue has made many good tracking devices & some of them are Car GPS Tracking device. There are more than 1 Car GPS tracking devices you can find.

Also, they have managed to create Personal GPS tracker like Radacat and go Tenna which can come hand too.