The Google Assistant Is Coming To Chromebooks – Confirmed !


Google is pushing their Google Assistant to a range of devices including Smartphones, Smart Speakers & even household electronics. So, it isn’t any surprise that Google will push the Assistant in more devices & in their own products as many possible. Apple & Microsoft already have Siri & Cortana across all their PC & Mobile Operating Systems. Google is also joining the force by bringing their Assistant to Chrome OS & all Chromebooks are expected to get the feature pretty soon.


The Google Assistant Is Coming To Chromebooks


In the above screenshot, you can see that Google has listed it’s Chromebook as a supported device for it’s Assistant. So, if you’re a Chromebook user, you definitely know that the Google Assistant is yet not available for Chromebooks. So, Google’s listing confirms that the Google Assistant is ready for Chromebooks & it shall be available pretty soon.

So, Google is definitely working hard to expand it’s availability across various platforms & the Choromebooks are going to be the next big addition to this list. But, the functionality of the Assistant is still very limited as it cannot perform certain tasks like Turning Mobile Data or Wi-Fi Hotspot On/Off, Turning Do-not-disturb On/Off etc. So, Google needs to look out after these issues & make their Assistant more intelligent. So, do you use the Google Assistant in your daily life ? Also, if you have a Chromebook, do you think that the Assistant support will be helpful ? Definitely Let us know in the Comment section right below this article !


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