Google Introduces An All New Messaging App – “Google Allo”


Google Allo

Messaging is the new trend and Google wants to rule it. Google has released their all new messaging app called “Google Allo“. A smarter way to message your friends. With the release of the Google Allo app, it seems that Google will soon replace whatsapp and other messaging apps. What makes me say this is all the amazing features in the app.

With this new app, now your replies has got smarter.You can now reply with stickers, doodles, emoji, text and many more in your style.

For example: If you want to search for a restaurants nearby; all you got to do type “@Google restaurants near by” and then Google Allo will do the rest for you.

This feature is called Google Assistance and is one of the basic features in the app. To activate this feature you just have to type “@Google” and then type your query.  With feature like this, making plans with friends or family becomes easier. So, if you are on a group chat and you make a sudden plan, then you just have to ask for Google Assistance and you can discuss the plan with the help of Google.

We are yet to explore the app and give you a detail information about Google Allo. If you find something interesting in this do share the feature with us.

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