Google To Soon Remove “Secret Menu Button Bug” From Google Pixel 2 Series


Talking about the recent update on Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL, we all are aware of the secret menu, which was a bug. This  bug was first spotted by Android Police and later others spotted the same issue on their Pixel 2 phone. According to the reports this bug is found in at the Pixel’s 2 navigation bar.

Below is the video from Android Police:

This bug was confirmed later by one of the Google spokesperson, who confirmed this as a bug and not a feature. Later they also comminted to resolve this bug ASAP.

This bug was first found while accessing the setting, but later Cnet confirmed that this bug can be found on all the Google applications like Settings, Chrome, Messages, Calendar, Docs, Calculator and YouTube. So if you are a Pixel 2 users, then you might get this bug. Please don’t consider it as a feature!

If you are one of the Pixel 2 user and you find similar bug, then you can let us know in the comment below. Whereas we will be updating you once Google finds a solution to it.

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