Having an Expandable microSD Card on iOS Devices is possible – Thanks To Leef iAccess


Leef iAccess

When it comes to iOS devices, people usually have a very common complaint, that is- non expandable microSD card slot. If you think that Apple will have an expandable microsSD card slot on their upcoming devices, then wait, because it’s not true.

Transfer file from iOS

Today we have spotted a very cool device that works as a microSD card slot for your iOS device. That is “iAccess” by Leef. With iAccess you can transfer pictures, videos, music and other files from a microSD to your iPhone or iPod. iAccess was recently announced by Leef and this device. This device not only allows you to transfer files, but expands your storage capacity.

We all know that it’s a tedious to transfer files from PC/Mac to your iOS device, but with iAccess you can easily transfer. Not only that, you can transfer files from one device to another without following “How to transfer File method.

You can buy this device from their official store for just $49.

Buy iAccess Here

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