How To Convert PDF To Word Online Free With Convertonlinefree


Convert PDF to Word Online is one of the best methods and it does not involves any 3rd party software. We will here see how to convert PDF to Word instead online. There are a few freeware which claim to perform the conversion, but 90% of these are spamware and during our testing we found the setup files either infected or trying to download unnecessary software and extensions. Here’s one of the more reliable sites, that we have tested and found to work satisfactorily.

Video: Convert PDF To Word

Follow Steps To Convert PDF To Word Online

Step 1: Open your Internet Browser, and Go to

Step 2: Here you’ll get the option to select and upload the desired PDF file and reduce pdf size online.

Step 3: On doing so press Convert to start the process.

Step 4: Within a few minutes your file will be converted into Word format and automatically downloaded. Open the downloaded file to review results

Just these 4 simple steps and you can convert your PDF to Word  with no software or any other tedious process.

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