SK Telecom Will Start The 5G Test At The T-OpenLab By 3Q


We know that KT with Ericsson is developing the 5G technology for the 5th generation mobile technology. If you are wondering what about it, then you must know that on this 28th a meeting at the Euljiro headquarters, Seoul was held by SK Telecom along with Intel, Ericsson, and Samsung.

On this forum, Ericsson and HP presented about the infrastructure that will be innovated in developing of  5G era.

Head of Technology, Jin-sung at SK Telecom said: [blockquote]”SK Telecom is spurring the development of 5G technology, demonstrating the specific network structure and blueprint of 5G initiatively on the international stage. We plan to build a 5G test bed at the Bundang ‘T OpenLab,’ a shared place for ICT promotion, to make a 5G eco-system.“[/blockquote]

Chairman of SK Telecom Jang, Dong-Hyun announced[blockquote]”We are preparing a differentiated service in the customer’s perspective so that 5G makes a break-through in not only technology, but also in customer experience. We plan to expand support that is necessary for research and development especially for small and mid-sized companies and developers to find and make business opportunities through 5G so that they lead to customer value.”[/blockquote]

According to SK Telecom’s forecast we are most likely to get a wireless video service once the 5G is launched.  This wireless video service will be achieved through a high resolution mega-display. Once the 5G gets commercialized we will also get other services like 3D (without glasses) and hologram.

After the end of this forum, SK Telecom announced that they will start the 5G test  at the T-OpenLab by this 3rd Quarter and most probably to launch 5G at the mid of 2016.

We will keep yourself update about the 5G. Stay Tuned!

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