How to get white dye in Minecraft


How to get white dye in Minecraft

Having a variety of dyes is essential for colouring your Minecraft scene. Some dyes may be created more quickly and simply by placing flowers or other items on a craft table.

However, finding white dye can be a little more difficult.

To help you to add some white colour to your supply below is a step-by-step instruction.

Materials Needed for White Dye in Minecraft

  • Lily of the valley with bonemeal


Bonemeal may be produced with a bone in a crafting process, obtained infrequently by fishing up debris or dropped by skeleton foes. Making 3 bone meals from 1 bone.

Like many other mobs, skeleton opponents may appear at night or in dim areas like mine shafts. They may also be discovered in nether fortresses or from spawners. Skeletons lose 0–2 bones when defeated.

In a typical play, you should encounter skeletons often enough to have an abundance of bones available.

Wither skeletons, strays, and skeleton horses all lose bones at the same pace as regular skeletons.

Enchanting your weapon at any level of looting will enhance the number of drops. In both the Java and Bedrock variants, bones may also be found in chests with various probabilities.

Last but not least, when you kill fish mobs in Bedrock versions, you have a 25% chance of receiving 1-2 bones. Bones may be shed upon death by tropical fish, pufferfish, salmon, and cod.

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The lily of the valley

You must first locate a lily of the valley in the game. The lily of the valley is often seen in biomes including the Flower Forest, Birch Forest, and Birch Forest Hills. Break the lily by left-clicking while holding it, then add it to your inventory.

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft?

Open the 3×3 grid-based crafting table in Minecraft to begin making white dye. In the middle of the grid, place one bone. Bonemeal will be created as a consequence, and once again put in the grid, it will produce white dye. Similarly, by including a lily of the valley in the grid, players may produce white dye.

The illustrated instructions for making white dye in Minecraft are provided below (with Pictures):

Step-1 Open the Crafting Table

Open your crafting table and start creating dye using the materials you’ve collected and are keeping in your inventory.

The 3×3 crafting grid will be there after your crafting table is opened, as seen in the illustration below:

2. Add bonemeal or lily of the valley in step two.

In the first box of the first row, put either the bonemeal or Lily of the Valley. Make sure you arrange them precisely as described below, or else other items could develop.

3. Add it to your inventory.

Once the white dye has been created, drag it to your inventory to begin colouring things.

How do you dye something white in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you may colour whatever you choose, including glass, clay, tame wolves’ collars, firework stars, leather armour, and wool and lambs.

You may use whatever colour you choose for the dye component of the formula when you wish to dye anything.

There are two methods to colour anything. Either put the dye on it directly when placing it in the environment or use the crafting table to apply it.

Shearing the wool of a sheep that has been coloured while still living will cause the wool to yield the corresponding dye colour.

However, if you already have a piece of wool in your inventory, you may use the crafting grid to dye it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What flower in Minecraft produces white dye?

In Minecraft, the white dye may be made from the lily of the valley.

2. Can you get dye out of wool in Minecraft?

Nope, dyes can only be used on wool that has not had its colour taken.


Congratulations! You’ve produced a white dye! You are now free to colour whatever you like as you go about your day.

Use dyes whenever and whenever you’d like since they’re one of the features of Minecraft that allow players to express themselves so freely!


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