Huawei’s New Foldable Concept Smartphone Exposed With 8 Inch Display


Foldable Smartphone

If you think that Samsung is the only one working on a foldable smartphone , then you should look at the all new 8-inch foldable smartphone by Huawei, that got exposed today.

We have already seen Samsung’s foldable display got listed in Korea, which means this foldable smartphone device are no longer any concepts. With this it is clear that  Huawei is surely going to compete Samsung’s so called Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

Talking about the release date, the rumors says that the phone is expected to be released in November this year as Huawei has already started their production. As already mentioned by one of our author RON that foldebale smartphone will be mainstream by 2019 with AMOLED display, seems to be true.

There is no update on the specification or features of this device, but we believe this could be one of the smartphone that could come with new Snapdragon 700 series processor, but that’s just our prediction. We will surely keep you posted on this foldable smartphone.

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