The Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Was Listed On Samsung’s Website In Korea !


We have been seeing some patents about the upcoming Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone from Samsung & recently it has been certified as well. Now, Samsung has actually listed the Galaxy X that reportedly carries the Model No: SM-G888N0 on the Samsung Korea Support Website.

The Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Was Listed On Samsung's Website In Korea


So, looks like Samsung is actually ready to bring the Galaxy X out & this raises another big question. Will Samsung launch the device alongside the Galaxy S9 in January 2018 ? Well, on a honest note, we don’t think so. But, Samsung will definitely launch the device pretty soon. The production quantity may not be large though.

Some sources do claim that it’ll be a Korea exclusive & that’s definitely possible. But, there is no official hint on that. But, we are definitely exited to see what Samsung has in stock with their Foldable Display technology & how they can balance the Hardware when the phone is being bend. And spoiler alert, they phone will be bendable from the Middle only. So, don’t expect a completely flexible smartphone as that’s not what this approach is all about. Maybe we’re just starting with that path & after the Galaxy X becomes official, we’ll get the idea that, how much of that path we actually walked.


Source: Samsung Korea | Via: Technobuffalo



Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X Get’s Certified In Korea !


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