Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 8 – Rumor Roundup


We have been seeing a lot of rumours about the iPhone 8, which is expected to be launched in September (Tentatively) this year. The most talked feature in iPhone 8 is definitely Augmented Reality. Apart from this there are other rumors that we will roundup in this Article to see what are we expecting from the Apple iPhone 8 this year.

1- Augmented Reality:


iPhone 8 AR

It was first Zenfone AR & now iPhone 8. This got confirmed when Apple acquired SensoMotoric Instruments manufacturer for AR & VR headsets. This was the first indication to have AR in iPhone 8.  But the recent leak really got my attention & eagerness to use the iPhone 8 AR technology. AR in iPhone is the next level, as you can draw the augmented world with  your fingers. This seems iPhone’s attempt for a big change in education sector.

2- Dual Camera:

iPhone 8 Error

The iPhone 8 will come with dual camera, but the megapixel is not yet defined. What’s interesting in the iPhone 8’s camera is the 1080P  at 240fps video recording &  4k at 60fps. This is absolutely a blessing for videographers.

The front camera of the iphone seems to be improved this time. Apple is giving you the wide angle lense on  front selfie camera.

3- Wireless Charging:

iPhone 8 Wireless charging suport

The one thing that was missing in the iPhone was wireless charging & the iPhone 8 covers it up. It has confirmed in the test that the iPhone 8 will get the wireless charging support for this new model. This clearly is a big threat for Samsung as people will not have anything else to complain about the new iPhone.

4- Fingerprint sensor:

It is obvious that the iPhone will have the fingerprint sensor, but the difference is that the fingerprint sensor this time will be at the rear side. I think Apple has recognised their mistake of having the fingerprint in the front. It will obvious be not that easy to digest the new design upgrade to the traditional Apple design.

These are some of the top rumor roundup for the iPhone 8. If you have something else you can feel free to share it in the comment below so that we can know what else are we expecting in iPhone 8.

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