PicNut Private Photo & Video Sharing App – An Alternative For Snapchat


PicNut App Detail

When you talk about Private photo and video sharing app then Snapchat is one the only app that comes in your mind. But, what if you are looking for an alternative option for Snapchat. If you are looking for than, then here we have PicNut. The working of PickNut is somehow similar to Snapchat, but there are some more additional features that you can enjoy in here.

With PicNut, you can now create Albums and share it with the group you want to. The one good good thing about this app is that you can have limited person to see your album/photos and it will then self destructed. Yes! similar to Snapchat, but creating album in Snapchat is not possible. Along with this, your friends can also contribute on your album that you created. So, if you have a group of friends and there are memories that you want to share within the same circle, then this app gives you that solution.

Along with this there are many such features that this app provides, that makes the app a better solution than Snapchat.

Key Features Of PicNut:

There are few features of this app that makes it a better option rather going for Snapchat.

  1. Inviting Friends Becomes Easy:  With PicNut Inviting friends becomes easy. You can invit your friends from your phonebook contacts and then ask them to contribute to your album
  2. Be An Admin: PicNut allows you to be the admin of the album you created and you being able to manage, restrict and allow permission to your friends who are invited to joining the group.
  3. Privacy: One good feature of this app is privacy. Unlike Snapchat, this app allows you to only give access to your contacts rather than inviting some “user id
  4. Auto Save: PicNut allows allows you to sync to cloud storage so that you can auto save your collection.

Including this you can also add, decline or block user, which is one of the unique features of this app. If you find this app interesting, then follow the link below to download this app.

Download PicNut For Android  | Download PicNut For iOS


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