Is Trade Show Internet, he Best Internet Service Provider For Events?

Trade Show Internet is an independent service provider in the industry of events whose services are offered to events ranging from corporate to fashion, trade, outdoor, hackathons gaming, and sporting events. The services provided go throughout and beyond North America.

The comprehensive connectivity solutions they offer to these events include; Fiber-optic internet bandwidth with dedicated symmetrical fiber speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, outdoor wireless bridges that connect multiple outdoor locations regardless of their complex terrains, event IT and networking where you will be guided on how to use the  latest technologies that align with your objectives and satellite bandwidth that can be connected in remote locations and offer speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Numerous award-winning companies and agencies since 2008 with the solutions Trade Show Internet offers for its clients. Examples include:

Some of Trade Show Internet 

  • The Warner Bros. Intel Drone Show – Warner bros partnered with the Intel drone team in 20?? To send 300 drones in the night sky using software to coordinate this light show in celebration of the release of the film Wonder woman by Blu-Ray. Trade Show Internet was there to provide around-the-clock on-site IT support, wired and wireless connectivity and a 50Mbps point-to-point bandwidth circuit.
  • Adidas Footwear 2018 Sales Launch – this function had an objective to conduct internal sales training for the representatives and employees. Trade Show Internet provided high-density Wi-Fi for 1,000 people in attendance and the production crew who occupied both indoor and outdoor space in addition to dual 200 and 50 Mbps point-to-point bandwidth circuits.
  • Dior Cruise Fashion Show – in 2018, the Cristian Dior runway was brought to the hills of Los Angles and was attended by 800 people. The services provided by Trade Show internet were satellite internet with solar-charged power supply, high-density Wi-Fi and dual 250 Mbps point-to-point bandwidth circuits.

Trade show internet offers bandwidth solutions in terms of reliability and cost for every application and budget. There are numerous positive client testimonials that show the efficiency of this company.