Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Exposed – Photo Leaked


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Image

Today morning, I came across the leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I was expecting the new Note 5 would have the similar design to the S6/Edge & my expectation turned to be true. The Note 5 has the similar design as the Samsung Galaxy S6 with their trademark S-pen. Nothing much to say about how the performance of this new phone, because I haven’t got any chance to do a hands-on.

Smausng Galaxy Note 4 SIM positioning
The SIM card slot is positioned at the bottom of the phone.

According to the leaked image, the Note 5 is equipped with 64 bit Octa Core processor & obviously 4G LTE. The processor is supported with 4GB RAM, which ensures a better performance. It’ll have a 5.7-inch Quad HD AMOLED display that ensures a better screen resolution. It has a decent 16MP rear & 5MP front facing OIS licensed camera & a wireless charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Spen
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has their traditional S Pen.

The rumours says that only the dual-SIM model is suppose to get the microSD card slot. But, I expect that the rumour is not true. Looking at the image, I have figured out that the back cover is sealed. You won’t get the Type C USB port as the brand has dropped the plan of having the USB 3.0.

I cannot comment anything about the performance until I do a hand-on on it. Till then stay tuned for more updates.


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