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AVAST Software has been a pioneer in the field of Security applications for many years now. However, Just as recently as the MWC 2015, Avast launched 2 new mobile apps namely. Avast GrimeFighter and Battery Saver.

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AVAST Battery Saver as the name suggests offers users the ability to prolong their existing battery life without charging. It claims to give upto 7 hours of extended life or save upto 20% charge by intelligently managing power usage. The USP of this app lies in the fact that unlike other apps it eliminates user intervention by automatically detecting user’s usage patterns and makes changes accordingly to improve battery life. All day long while the phone is not in use it controls internet connection, standby, screen brightness and memory usage to maximize battery life all the while without taking a toll on Performance, Without Dimming the screen, Reducing call volume or slowing down loading of apps.

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At a Glance :

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Type Utility
First Released 3rd March 2015
Latest Version 1.3.1152
Supported Platforms Android OS
Minimum Requirements 4.0 and up
Languages Supported 43
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Price FREE


Features :


  • Smart battery usage profiles activate automatically based on time, location, user-designated Wi-Fi networks and battery level. User can customize their profile
  • App consumption detects and permanently stops apps that drain too much battery life.
  • Accurate estimate of remaining battery life based on actual phone usage and historical data. Battery level is displayed in a percentage and time remaining in status bar notification.
  • The application can turn off Wi-Fi when there are no known hotspots nearby as well as mobile data.
  • Your phone limits connections to the Internet to every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, based on your current profile configuration, when its screen is turned off.
  • Emergency mode is activated when your battery level is very low, and it turns off all functions that require significant energy, saving power for when you really need it (e.g. Wi-Fi, data connection, Bluetooth or GPS).
  • Upto 4 user profiles, customizable and automatically switchable based on set conditions.


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