Modular Phone – A Concept To Build Your Our Smartphone


    Modular Phone

    Few years back we heard of a concept called Modular Phone; whichmeans you can customize your Smartphone depending on your needs. This is the exact same concept as building your own Gaming Machine.

    With this amazing concept, you can replace all the components and build your own Smartphone. The purpose behind Modular smartphones was to reduce electronic waste and increase usability. One of the most benefits with the launch of Modular Smartphones is that it will lower the repair cost.


    Back in 2013, Phonebloks initiated this concept called Modular Smartphones. This concept was introduced to diminish electronics waste. Later in 2013, Phonebloks join hands with Google/Motorola to work on this concept. This collaboration is named “Project Ara.

    Late in year 2014 a Finish Tech startup announced the first modular phone called “Puzzlephone” that was capable to personalise both hardware and OS.

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    Do we have a Modular Phone?

    Yes, we do. In late 2015, one of the Dutch Social Enterprise has developed first ever Modular smartphone. After releasing in December 2015, the company announced to release this phone in the market in December 2016.

    Latest launched LG G5 is the semi- modular phone with replicable battery. We might soon see the era of modular smartphone coming on 2016.


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