Most Used Microsoft Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows is an operating system which is used in a large number of computers. The company systematically updated the versions from time to time. Microsoft Corporation developed it to run on personal computers. The use of Microsoft Windows product keys made work easy for the entire audience as it is smarter & faster.

It performs tasks at an amazing speed. Microsoft Windows can also perform multitasking with ease. It has many significant points to note down. The latest versions are easy to use and user-friendly which is a very positive point for Microsoft.

Here is the list of Microsoft Windows operating systems versions that are used widely in all parts of the world and we are sharing them with their percentage.

Windows 7 – 48.5%

With 48.5% Microsoft Windows 7 is the most used operating system in the world according to the reports. Most people use this version because it is easy to use and the theme interface is very smooth. Which makes it easy to work for hours. There is no doubt it is the most used Microsoft Windows version.

Windows 10 – 26.28%

Windows 10 is a recent version of the Microsoft Windows and is still getting into audience’s pcs. People are working on their older versions Windows 10 and are still working on their earlier versions.

Windows XP – 7.04%

Windows XP is one of the oldest version of Windows operating system. It was used by a big majority of the audience as it did not have many competitors at its time. Microsoft Windows has a huge customer base in this field

Windows 8.1 – 6.96%

Windows 8.1 is the previous version of Windows which was not used for a long time and ultimately its growth was overshadowed by Windows 10 and is running successfully in many pcs. We will see many versions of Windows in the future.

Microsoft Windows Product keys are required to install the versions on your computer. It is the most crucial element during the installation of Windows in your system. You will find the Microsoft Windows Product key on the back of your product cover.


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