New LG G7 Render Looks Like The Essential Phone !


We have been looking at the LG G7 rumors for a while now. We kinda know at this point that it’ll be using the upcoming Qualcomm flagship that is the Snapdragon 845 and an 2K OLED Display yet again. But, is that a regular 18:9 Display again ? Well, that question has taken some rise with a new leaked render or maybe some kind of patent that might be the plan for the LG G7.


New LG G7 Render Looks Like The Essential Phone


So, as you can see in the image above, this render has a notch holding the camera kinda like the Essential Phone. The sides of that notch has been utilized as the Quick Access panel that we have seen as a secondary display on the V20 & as a software implementation in the V30. In the G7 it’ll probably be a software implementation again so, it’s completely possible that it will use the sides of the Camera Notch when activated.

There are some other rumors including an under screen fingerprint scanner but, we don’t think LG is bringing that technology in the G7. However, the G7 is expected to launch within the Q1 of 2018 so, we’re are pretty sure that we’ll keep getting more information in the upcoming months.




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