Moto X5 Expected Before 2018 Ends


moto X5


For those who were waiting for the upcoming Motorola’s smartphone, here’s a news for you. Motorola will be launching their new Moto X5 soon before the end of 2018. Today it got confirmed after Evan tweeted about the Moto X5. The leak just shows the logo of the Moto X5, but apart from that, they have been no information about the smartphone.

As we all know that all the smartphones are coming with a 18:9 display, we expect the Moto X5 to come with the same display specification. Similar to the Moto X4, the X5 will also be water resistance & is expected to come with Snapdragon 660. We also expect the RAM to be upgraded to 6GB rather than 4GB.

Keeping our prediction aside, we still are waiting to know what the Moto X5 will be. If you have something to share, do share it with us in the comment. Let’s see how much do you agree with our expectation on the Moto X5.

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