Nokia Lumia 1020 Spotted With An Ubuntu OS

One of the most powerful camera devices Nokia Lumia 1020 is really an incredible smartphone. Everyone knows that this Lumia smartphone runs a Windows OS, but recently we spotted Lumia 1020 installed with an Ubuntu OS in it. A Weibo user who posted this image, made this Lumia Ubuntu phone possible.

The Ubuntu Lumia phone in the image looks similar to the Ubuntu Desktop version. The menu bar, design and the entire setting are same as in the desktop version Ubuntu. This states that both the desktop version and the mobile version Ubuntu OS are similar. If this really happens and if Ubuntu could provide with a developed version of Ubuntu Mobile OS, then it will be really exciting to see the functionality and how the 41 MP will work with this Ubuntu Lumia.

People were talking about the new Ubuntu Smartphone by Canonical and everyone knows that this company is soon releasing the first Ubuntu Smartphone. The launch of this phone is been to delayed, but no more. Because it been announced that the new Ubuntu Based smartphone is going to launch in European countries. There is no release date confirmed, but it ‘s confirmed that this device will be launched on the 2nd week of February.

Source says that, this phone will directly be put on sale only through the Bq a Spanish Carrier.