NVIDIA May Debut Their GTX 20 Series GPUs And A New Titan X In CES 2018 !


The NVIDIA 10 series Geforce GPUs were a huge bump up over the 900 series GPUs in terms of performance. The GTX 1080Ti was a really great GPU that was very close to the Titan XP in terms of gaming performance goes. Even the other 10 series GPUs were great as well. The latest addition to the series was the GTX 1070Ti & looks like NVIDIA is ready to launch the next generation of their Geforce GPUs.



As NVIDIA is already teasing an event on CES 2018, they definitely have some product announcements stacked up. Now, the last generation of Geforce & Titan X were using the NVIDIA’s Pascal Architecture. These new ones are expected to use NVIDIA’s Volta Architecture that’s recently being used in NVIDIA’s flagship Tesla V100 GPUs for Supercomputers.

So, in that case there will be improvements in Two major segments. First one is definitely Performance & the second one is Machine Learning. The Volta Architecture has proven itself to be pretty capable for handling AI stuff. So, the next gen of NVIDIA GPUs are expected to be really smart compared to their predecessors. Also, the performance boost may go upto 50-60% or even further.

Also, there may be also a new Titan X GPU that’ll probably be called the Titan X Volta or Titan XV. That shall also bring significant improvements over the current gen Tiatan XP. Now, the prices may also increase a bit but, we literally have no clue about that. But, let’s just see what they can bring to the board with the 2o or maybe 11 series of Geforce & the new Titan X GPUs.





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