The OnePlus 5T was a real game changer for OnePlus as it was the key for the company to create a perfect balance between Flagship Hardware & Mid Range Price point. Also, the new 18:9 Aspect Ratio made the OnePlus 5T a desirable device for almost anyone. But, everything comes to a point where they need an evolution to stand out again. The OnePlus 6 is that standout point everyone is looking at in 2018. But, how should OnePlus plan the road-map for their upcoming flagship ? Well, this is everything you should expect from the OnePlus 6.


Since the days of OnePlus 3, OnePlus has been using Metal construction for their devices. However, this time we’re expecting that OnePlus will switch to a Glass Sandwich design. Switching to a Glass Sandwich design also means the access to Wireless Charging but, looking at the price point that OnePlus launches their devices, it doesn’t seem like Wireless Charging is happening.

Combining all our design expectations, this is our best possible guess for the OnePlus 6,

OnePlus 6 - What To Expect

So, you have probably already seen in the above render that the device doesn’t have a Fingerprint Scanner & that’s because we’re expecting an Under Display Fingerprint Scanner in the OnePlus 6.

The Dual Cameras will definitely be there & we’re expecting them to be placed Horizontally until OnePlus decides to copy the iPhone X.

The Display shall also have a higher Screen-to-body ratio. So, the Bezels shall shrunk even more & specially on the bottom.


There no question on what SOC will be powering the OnePlus 6 cause, according to OnePlus track records, it’s the Snapdragon 845. The amount of RAM will again be upto 8 Gigabytes cause, there is simply no meaning to go higher than that at least in 2018. The storage option should go upto 128 Gigabytes yet again.

Now, coming to the Display. There is a chance that OnePlus finally bumps the resolution to 1440P in the OnePlus 6 but, we haven’t got any strong clues about that just yet. But, the OnePlus 6 has the biggest chance of getting a 1440P Display & the 18:9 Aspect ratio will definitely be there so, 2880×1440.

The Cameras shall definitely be improved. The OnePlus 6 will of course retain that Dual Camera setup on the Back. However in the OnePlus 6, the company might actually swap out the Second lens for a Wide-angle one. In the Front, there will also probably be Dual Cameras as well with support for Portrait Selfies.

The 3.5mm Headphone Jack will probably be removed in the OnePlus 6 so, welcome to Dongle Life I guess but, the Earpiece will Probably double as a Stereo pair for the main Bottom Firing speaker so, that’s a good thing.

The Battery can get bumped to 3500 mAh in the OnePlus 6. There was a rumor about 4000 mAh Battery but, that doesn’t seem to have big possibilities as of now. OnePlus may also debut an updated version of Dash Charging in the OnePlus 6.


The OnePlus 6 will definitely run on Oxygen OS 6 that’s again based on Stock Android with a few customization features on top. But, the main differentiator here will be AI. So, the Snapdragon 845 comes with hardware support for AI & there’s simply no doubt on the fact that, OnePlus will push their Software hard to be able to take advantage of those capabilities.

AI will also take over the Camera for sure so, the Camera of the OnePlus 6 shall smart enough to understand various photography scenarios & take great shots without needing to be tweaked by the user. The Face Unlock feature is expected to be much more secured compared to the OnePlus 5T as well.


Finally let’s talk about price. OnePlus has been already pushing the price to the higher-mid-range category. Both the OnePlus 5 & 5T started at a price of $499 (32999 in India) for the 6GB 64GB Variant & went upto $549 (37999 in India) for the 8GB 128GB vatiant.

With the OnePlus 6 the pricing will probably increase. So, for the 6GB 64GB variant, the price can be anywhere between $529-$549 (upto 34999 in India) & for the 8GB 128GB variant can be priced anywhere between $579-$599 (upto 39999) in India.


So, that’s it for this OnePlus 6 expectations article. As confirmations keep coming, we’ll keep updating this article. Definitely let us know your expectations about the device in the comments section below.


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