Necessary Improvements Needed In The Google Home Mini


Home Mini Review

AI-based devices like Google Home & Alexa has been a great innovation in the latest years & we had seen a huge buyers growth for these type of gadgets. I have been using the Google Home mini for a month & had been a great experience. During my usage, I have noticed few flaws that can be a major issue for the future in AI-based voice modulation gadgets.

The improvements that I am going to mentions in the list below have been taken by considering real-time usage for different individuals.

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Boot Time:

This is one of the major issues that I personally feel needs an improved. As soon as we plug in the device, it takes roughly 50 seconds to load, which is quite long. When asked to different users, we noticed that everyone would prefer to have a device that can boot within 10 seconds. Also, one additional improvement that we thought during our test is that, there should be voice indicating that we can now start with our voice command.

Language Limitations:

According to me, this is one of the most series issues. During our test, we found that The Google Home Mini is not able to translate major regional languages. It was also surprising to see that the device was not even able to translate simple English into other languages like Nepali, Bangladeshi and others. Along with this, It was also surprising that the device could not translate English into another Indian regional language.

Complicated Setup : 

As soon as you get any device, it is really important that the setup process takes hardly some time. But, this is not the case with the Google Home Mini. After you purchase the device it will take quite a few hours to connect your other devices.

Less Information:

Now talking about the amount of information the Google Home Mini has needs to be enhanced. If you are just using this device with your smartphone connected, then you might face a lot of issues when asked information about some topic. We understand the device being in the very initial stage & we also know that the device will improve with some updates in the coming future.

So, these are the major improvements that we think the Google Home Mini should get. We will keep adding necessary improvements if we find any, but if you already have some information that you think everyone should know about, then do comment below.

With few updates, we could see some more flaws will be eliminated.

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