Reasons to shift to an MS Access Alternative

Reasons to shift to an MS Access Alternative
Reasons to shift to an MS Access Alternative

There are a lot of reasons why managing Access-based solutions should be challenged and why shifting to an alternative solution should be highly considered.

Restriction to a single OS

Access particularly operates on Windows. You will not find an iOS, macOS, or Android application and not a single way of running Access on a Linux-based system.

Access is not web-enabled.

A small Microsoft Access Online solution is a separate part of software without internet availability. With the assist of a database server, it has the potential to connect to a web app. This connection has to be created differently. The total combined pack of Access, a database server, and a similar web application can be a good, smooth step-by-step migration scenario when switching from Access to a completely web-based solution.

Access is not mobile.

Being able to move and respond quickly is the most important part of business success in today’s market. It is growing a basic standard to access or get current data on your mobile phone on the go. Customers and workers demand these easy methods of access much more commonly now. That is accurately what you cannot do with Access.

Access restricts your digital alteration.

All of the earlier implies that Access is not capable to satisfy demands in the current scenario. It is actually the reverse, effective digitization inside a business is most possibly stopped by the storage of data and closed-off circles administering private data. And that is precisely what Access is. Transferring any data with other apps needs a lot of work and will forever continue to remain unstable without a central server application. This way Access sets restricted limits to digitizing and optimizing business methods. Talking about effort, anyone thinking about switching their basic Access app working on 32 bit system to a 64-bit system will have to expect a high quantity of upgrades, particularly when dealing with large apps and tools like Azure VDI, etc. Those are huge investments into a technology that has a very uncertain future.

Access is not General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) supported

Many stories circle the GDPR. But it is a fact that businesses that are collecting and processing private data are connected to it and breaches can immediately become costly. Here Access runs into a dead-end constantly. Two primary GDPR conditions cannot be satisfied in a technically responsible and hence legal method because of how Access manages the data and information.

Access cannot produce an extensive and reliable aspect of authorizations that enables all employees to access only the data they require for their work and duties. Access cannot evaluate private data in a cautiously anonymized or pseudonymized way.

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