Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to launch in New York Between 2nd to 9th Of August


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May Have An In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy note 9, we all were expecting it to be launched in the June of 29th, but it seems that’s not going to happen. According to the leak, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 is expected to be launched by 9th August in New York city.

Talking about this release it seems a bit inaccurate to me. As the smartphone will have to drop down it’s price if they are releasing that late. We aren’t sure if this is true, but if this is going to happen, then this might become one of the reasons for the manufacturer  for not selling the unit.

Almost every expected brands have already launched their flagship smartphone & getting Note 9 on 9th of August will not create that hype, until they bring something really amazing out of the box.


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