Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Appeared At Geekbench


There have been a lot of rumors going on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but we all know what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will deliver to their audience. Recently Samsung Galaxy Note 9 got appeared on Geekbench,which through a lot of light on what we are getting this new flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Geekbench

This new leak clearly shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Geekbench  will come loaded with Snapdragon 845 & this leak shows it. Apart from the SD845, the device runs the Android 8.1.0 & it scores 2190 in single core, whereas 8806 in multi cores test. This is yet low as compare to iPhone X, which scores 10,000 above, but the real time experience is far different that the benchmarks.

There is no major leaks on the Camera front, but it is somehow clear that the device will come with 12MP dual camera setting. As we all know that Samsung Galaxy S9+ is supporting 4K at 60fps, which means the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have the similar specification.

Also recently leak on the battery clearly shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will comes with 3850mAh battery. We are yet to receive more leaks on the Note 9, but it is pretty clear that it will have some similarity to the S9+.

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