Samsung Launch POWERbot, the smart Robot Vacuum cleaner of the future Powered With Tizen



Korea’s leading electronics manufacturer and innovator Samsung has launched quite a few Smart home appliances and robots over the years. One among them being the POWERbot VR9000, a robotic vacuum cleaner with Samsung’s patented “Digital Inverter” technology as well as smart capabilities. Currently the market for smart appliances has very little competition, but the vacuum cleaner segment is dominated by the likes of Roomba 880 which retail for as much as $700, beyond the reach of most customers.

The latest version of POWERbot launched in Korea exclusively, features an upgraded Operating system, Tizen. Earlier versions of the same had been featured at the TIzen Developer Conference 2014 held in San Francisco.

The POWERbot smart vacuum cleaner apart from being a nifty little gadget with powerful suction capabilities and great range of cleaning. Features several smart technologies that sets it apart from other players. This includes the ability to be controlled via The Smart Home App installed on your phone and instructions being beamed wirelessly over Wifi. As well as a wireless remote with directional buttons for manual control. The POWERbot also has the ability to be programmed so as to clean automatically all accessible areas or specific areas, with timing features like cleaning at specific times of the day. The robot is intelligent enough to sense when its running out of power and self-charges at the nearest power source.

Definitely the Samsung POWERbot is something which has can give its customers a view of the future today. Although it remains to been seen the actual feasibility of the product, and how well they are able to market it as well as price it. To provide serious competition to the conventional cleaning appliances space.


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