Sea of Thieves become fastest selling First-part game in Xbox

Right from the first reveal at E3 2015, Sea of Thieves has become the title fans eagerly waiting to play. Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft’s exclusive open world game, the game is intended to let its players live like a pirate. Players can sail in the open world scenario, treasure hunting, and battling other players is also the part of this unique game.

On their blog, Microsoft shared that the game “Sea of Thieves” has become the best-selling Microsoft first-party title on Windows 10. Till now there are over a million of players online playing this game. Other than that streaming sites like Twitch and Mixer has recorded a view time of total 10 million hours since it launched. Many time the game has also appeared at the top of the list of top streaming games.

With the help of social media community, the Rare team is continuously listing to their players and working on resolving their issues. Soon the game is going to expand itself as the developers are working on it, though the news is not confirmed but Microsoft just yet.