You May Soon Be Able To Draw 3D Objects In AR On iPads


Apple has been pushing the Augmented Reality platform in their devices with their own ARKit Platform & currently Augmented Reality (AR) seems to have way more potential compared to Virtual Reality (VR). So pushing that potential further, Apple may soon allow you to draw in the air or I may say on the above portion of the Display of your iPad.

You May Soon Be Able To Draw 3D Objects In AR On iPads

A newly filed patent (shown above) shows how the Apple Pencil can be used to draw in 3D on top of a Display. This can be helpful to students & even industry professionals. However, this will definitely require new hardware like an updated iPad & Apple Pencil with all the important sensors for tracking purposes.

Now, Apple’s long rumored AR Glass might actually debut with this system but, even if these things arrive, we’re pretty much sure that you need to purchase everything separately to make the system work and by no means any of these things will come cheap.


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