Simple Tips on How to Rank Videos on YouTube


How to Rank Videos on YouTube

Today we will talk about the very inside-tips from the expert of YouTube. This platform is a huge video factory To Increase YouTube Subscribers and Comments. To make sure that the video gets more views, try your best to rank. In order to rank higher, you need to optimize the videos for search algorithms. With our tips, you can rank the video higher and get more likes on videos.

Video Tags

Tags are important. They signal YouTube what your video is about. Don’t make the mistake of setting too many tags, however. This just means that the video portal receives contradicting information and does not recognize what your video should rank for.

Instead, use a few (four to ten) specific tags: Your main keyword should be the first tag. Set two or three tags in which you specify your main keyword a little and describe it in more detail.

Optionally, set two or three LSI keywords. LSI keywords (LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing) are search queries that have a content-related relationship to the main keyword.

Last but not least, add one or two tags that describe a slightly wider context.

Real-life example: Your video introduces the care of moth orchids (Phalaenopsis).

The main keyword is “moth orchid care”. More specific keywords here are “moth orchid care tips”, “moth orchid care irrigation”, “moth orchid care moisture”.

The following LSI keywords are suitable: “Malay flower care” and “phalaenopsis care”.

You can describe the larger context with the following tags: “orchid care”, “flower care”, “floristry”.

The filename of the video

This is certainly not the greatest lever to bring your videos forward. Nevertheless, experts think that the file name should contain the main keyword because this sends another sign to YouTube that it is the respective topic.


The setting of categories is not SEO-relevant, but it does decide which users your video may be displayed on the start page. You shouldn’t miss this chance.


Subtitles or transcripts are actually intended as an aid for the hearing impaired. However, they can also be read by search engines. YouTube usually creates quite good subtitles. Since the speech recognition is not yet fully developed, you should check the transcript and correct it if necessary.

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