Cyanogen Collaborates With Qualcomm With A Re-Designed Logo


Cyanogen With Qualcomm

People being busy in the MWC 2015 and i was particularly searching for some updates or news and came across this amazing update on Cyanogen. Cyanogen announced that the CyanogenMod team have now collaborated with Qualcomm. Qualcomm and CM together are now  building a prototype system software. This forces us to think about what’s next biggest smartphone to launch this year.

At the meanwhile, the company’s brand image comes with a new design. This new brand identity is more simple with refreshing color, gives more mature sense of the mainstream. Initially Cyanogen is working with the Snapdragon 200, 400 and the 600 models, so that they start with the low budgeting phones. Cyanogen nowadays are more focused on the lower end phones and Steve Kang Dike (Steve Kondik) co-founder of the company confirmed saying that, they will focus on low-end devices to optimize and improve low-end machine software experience.

This will be the biggest news this season and we cannot predict anything from this until the gadget is launched.



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