Sonic The Hedgehog Famous SEGA Character Will Make His Movie Debut In 2019


Sonic The headgehog movieSonic The Hedgehog is one of the famous character from Sega Games & all the kids from 90’s would love this charachter. According to the recent interview with Haruki Satomi with CNBC gave an hint that Sega with Paramount Pictures will be releasing Sonic’s movie in 2019.

According to Haruki Satomi, president of Sega Sammy Holdings said “We can bring Sonic to the next level and not only bring the Sonic game to existing fans, but we try to grow our fan base worldwide.” With this is is clear that Sega is will be getting Sonic’s new game with a very new makeover to him.

With this movie release, it is quite clear that the company is planning to focus more on enhancing the character before they get any new version of game in the market. According to the source, the movie is expected to be released before 19th December 2019. As this is just in the planning phase, we still wonder what would be their story line.

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